Stress Management & Mindfulness

Brain Breaks and Learning Styles

1. Learning Styles    When students discover the importance of knowing their learning style and the impact on learning, they realize that having a centered state of mind and being is vital for new learning to take place.  The tactual learners notice the aura of the room!  Lighting, soft texture zones, musical background can make the difference in a mindful classroom.  We find students who are tactual benefit from choice in seating.  Bean bag chairs at a carpet space, or small cushion on a chair can help focus and concentration. Fidgets such as small clay pieces, or squish balls also help with the flow of ideas and strengthen continuous thinking.

2.  Brain Breaks  While strengthening thinking time and developing perseverance, we find Brain Breaks to be very helpful.  Setting a timer for standing for a 5 minute stretch break, or a power walk to stimulate the blood flow makes such a difference for all ages! Pilates stretches including breathing techniques are quick and beneficial—just a head roll and tuck bend down to the toes then ladder walk back up to standing tall!

Mindful3.  The Mindful Classroom  This is such a great technique to include into each day!  If all of our students can learn how to positively regulate stressful patterns, oh how it will pay off in college and the work place!!  We really like to use the following link:

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