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    So, it is time for the beginning of another year and we need to remember that a great beginning can make a great year!  As I begin this school year, I too need a great beginning! For this year, I decided to have a Meet and Greet with families to get to know one another.  Building relationships is the key to building a class community with the whole family!  I share my interests and hobbies as well as my family and how we are active in our community.  Then, mingle time with families to get to know each of them.  Beginning a new school year in a new grade and sometimes a new building can be stressful because of the unknown.  When we really connect on a personal level, we can develop the trust that is needed for all of the academic pieces to just fall into place!

    This little survival kit is a way to connect with my students and their families at our Meet and Greet.  Of course, you are free to adapt as you like!  Enjoy your fresh, new start!


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Instructional Resource:  6th Grade Survival Kit

Peer Coach             Peer Collaboration


      Which teacher helped you the most as you began your teaching career?  That one person who was a safe set of shoulders upon which to bounce ideas or share frustrations……everyone new or seasoned needs one….A Peer Coach!

     Teaching can be a lonely profession with high demands combined with the feeling of little support!  Yet, teachers who reside in rooms beside other teachers can often feel like they are the only ones in the building!  While walking to your classroom, notice the work in the hallway, or the bulletin boards in the nearby classrooms.  Begin conversation by commenting to that teacher about the great idea that you see, or ask a question about it!  Share your innovations as well and begin the peer coaching experience!  Bouncing ideas to create new learning centers, classroom management and motivation, or parent communication can be one conversation away!  Sometimes we just need to set up our own network of support through coaching.

     Peer Collaboration can grow naturally through Peer Coaching!  Teachers teaming together to develop and design lessons lend themselves to grouping students together to deliver those lessons!  It can be through Peer Collaboration and Team Teaching that the greatest professional growth can blossom!  Will there be lessons that tank?  For sure!  That is part of the bloom!  And, this mindset can be contagious!  Other teachers observing the collaboration, see the benefits of planning and delivering and will start asking you questions.  Before long, the collaboration mindset has grown to a small group of innovative teachers!

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 Welcome to “Find the Gift” Blog!

frustratedHave you ever seen the face of a child frustrated and trying to make sense out of something, but nothing is working? It is heartbreaking! No wonder children just give up and stop trying!

When you show a student a strategy or technique that takes the mystery and frustration away, his face lightens and you hear, “Oh, now I get it!” It is the greatest gift a parent or teacher could ever give! Priceless and eternal!success

This blog site “Find The Gift” is intended for parents and teachers to support one another, helping children and older students find the strategy needed to unlock the reading code, debunk math mysteries, discover the power in their own learning style and utilize methods to reduce stress and anxiety that just gets in the way.

Post your questions or share your situation. Post a suggestion for a fellow instructor. Together, we can help each child in #Find The Gift!



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