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Have you ever seen the face of a child frustrated and trying to make sense out of something, but nothing is working?  It is heartbreaking!  No wonder children just give up and stop trying!


When you show a student a strategy or technique that takes the mystery and frustration away, his face lightens and you hear, “Oh, now I get it!” It is the successgreatest gift a parent or teacher could ever give! Priceless and eternal!

We seek to create a site where fellow instructors and parents can visit to find answers and open the door to true learning. Visit often as more strategies will be continually uploaded. The blog site “Find The Gift,” is intended for parents and teachers to support one another, helping children and older students find the strategy needed to unlock the reading code, debunk math mysteries, discover the power in their own learning style and utilize methods to reduce stress and anxiety that just gets in the way.

Thank you for visiting, and please add a post to the blog with your own strategies! Together, we can help each child Find The Gift!


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